nothing like taking a random image of native people (one of the top results when google image searching two spirit) and an uncredited quote by a native person (a Crow woman called Pretty Shield) and slapping your brand logo on it to hawk merch


White people don’t care about us all year long. They roll their eyes when the Mexican lady at the cash register speaks English with an accent and they wonder why she “hasn’t bothered to learn the English language yet.” They criticize Mexican Americans who express their cultural pride and tell them…

When I go anywhere with a temperature above 25 degrees Celsius now

When its summer and someone suggests going out for the 5th night in a row

When someone suggests yet another game like Kubb on Midsommar

When you finally get your person number

Swedes when its 15 degrees Celsius outside in late September



Swedes when its 15 degrees outside in late April 


Talking about Swedish winter to friends back home and they recall the one cold week they had

When a restaurant serves food from back home but its just not the same

When I first visited Stadtsbibliotek in Stockholm